Spring is in the air, just about

The snow has gone and the temperature is generally getting warmer (except for the last few days where we’ve had what is hopefully winters last hurrah). We’ve been out and about a few times and I’ve been getting out to Zealandia a lot to check up on the wildlife. The day after the last post […]

South Island: Hokitika to Arthur’s Pass

Our last few hours on the West Coast started by heading north from Hokitika towards Kumara Junction where we turned eastward. At Kumara we stopped to have a look at a photo gallery. The work was very good and I bought a print, I’ll have to have a look at it later to get the […]

Jethro Tull in Brighton

Hello again. We’ve begun to look more seriously at rental property given that we need to move in 6 weeks or so. On Sunday we went out to Brentwood and visited a number of estate agents – looks like there’s plenty of property, it’s just a pain getting out there to look at it when […]

Looks like snow

Winter has finally started properly, we had a lot of snow in London yesterday. I’ve got photos from work which I’ll attempt to remember to put up tonight.

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