Miniature Huts – Part one

Recently we heard about an interesting public art project in Wellington created by Kemi Niko & Co. Titled Miniature Hikes the project involves 7 miniature huts that have been placed in off the beaten track locations around Wellington. Each hut can be found after a short walk using the instructions found on the Miniature Hikes […]

What’s been going on?

As predicted we have been back to Pepe’s a few times now and they don’t disappoint. I’m sure you wanted to know that. Over the last few weeks, in no particular order: we have had visitors from Brisbane and Hastings stay over (and continue to stay actually – mid-stay I’ll say); I’ve bought a bike […]


It’s all very quiet over here at the moment for us. Keryn had to work Saturday as things went wrong at HarperCollins and needed to be sorted ASAP, so there went Saturday. I spent most of the day watching football and rugby on the TV, Liverpool lost (again), at least I didn’t have to watch […]

Not much

Things have been quite quiet for the last week or so, we haven’t really done that much. Pauline came around on the weekend and we all went and saw the movie “The Scorpion King”, entertaining in a no-brainer kind of way. That noodle bar we went to the other day is called Wagamama, they have […]

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