Spice Tour and a night in Stone Town

October 3rd – Day Nine This morning was our failed attempt to get a nice breakfast due to a lack of cake. Once we had all eaten what we could it was back into the minivan and off towards Stone Town. Along the way we picked up Ali, our guide for a Spice Tour. The […]

A Day at Sea

October 2nd – Day Eight The previous day most of us had agreed to go snorkelling and had all signed up and paid with the ‘Spanish Dancer’ diving company. Keryn was also coming out to go diving. We had our breakfast and all made our way to the beach to be fitted for flippers and […]

Relaxing in Ngungwe

October 1st – Day Seven Today was pretty much a rest day for us. I wrote up a few days of our trip so far and we did a lot of relaxing. In the morning we did go for a walk down the beach in the opposite direction to the turtle sanctuary. We passed through […]

Arriving in Zanzibar

September 30th – Day Six Please note that on truck cleaning duty last night (the 29th) I managed to dunk my mobile phone in a bucket of water, and so far it hasn’t come back to life. As such any mobile communication is best directed to Keryn’s phone. Sunrise at the Silver Sands camp site […]

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