Atiwhakatu Hut

After our overnight stay at Raukawa Hut early last year we’d been looking for another hut to visit, so many months ago now we booked a night at Atiwhakatu Hut in the Tararua Forest Park. While we were able to book Raukawa Hut for just our party Atiwhakatu Hut is a bigger hut that sleeps […]

Day 140 : Torres del Paine

A good nights sleep can erase lots of bad memories and this coupled with a nice day turned my mind from the previous days loathing. I wasn’t really physically ready for walking, my legs stiff, my knees aching, but I still managed to hobble down to the lake shore and get some nice morning photos […]

Day 78 : Huaraz

I was up early with a group of others for a day trip out to Lake 69. We were to climb up the lower slopes of Chacraraju in the Cordillera Blanca, the local name for this area of the Andes. There were six of us; Danny, Albert, Angie, Michelle, Janet and myself. There was a […]

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