April Maze

The April Maze are an Australian band who will be in Wellington next February, apparently they’ve been here before and played some songs in a cable car. I hope they do it again 😉 For tour dates and info on tour mate Faye Blais click the link.


Spring is in the air, there is lots or rain and wind about. Photography has taken a back seat recently, coinciding with one of my lenses being sent up to Auckland for repair after the auto focus motor failed. It was an expensive fix, but much cheaper than buying a new lens. Naturally, back seat […]

Day 131 : Baraloche

We had grand plans today to head out to a nearby national park for some walking but didn’t quite get there in the end. First up I dragged myself out of bed very early to meet up with Margie for some sunrise shots down at the lake. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, colours […]

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