We ended up going to Cambridge, In Cambridgeshire, on Sunday. I guess it’s fairly obvious but the name Cambridge comes from the fact that the town straddles the river Cam. In fact, a lot of names in this country are obvious if you just think about it. For instance, there is a round church in Cambridge, and one of the neighbouring streets is called Round Church Street. Maybe the people who make up street names just have no imagination, you can’t go a couple of miles in London without coming across another High Street.

Anyway, Cambridge was nice, looks like a good place to go shopping. The many different schools were interesting, the buildings varied and well looked after. A lot of the buildings were only visible from the outside as its examination time at the moment. This meant we didn’t get to see too many details, so I guess we’ll have to go back at some stage to get the full picture. Every time we went over a bridge (over the Cam) we were harangued by students trying to sell us a punt tour on the river. We didn’t take them up this time, something for when we come back. You can hire punts as well, but watching those who were trying for the first time I think I’ll give that a miss.

We came back through Epping Forest, but didn’t stop as there were hundreds of people milling around. We’ll have to go back there as well, looks like a nice place to walk around (as long as there’s a bit of peace and quiet).

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