Tori Amos

Tori played at a place called the Union Chapel in Islington, and is still used as a church. It’s strange being seated for a concert in church pulpits looking at people lining up to buy beer. There was an assortment of interesting people at the concert, from full on gothic through punk and hippie to the odd normal people like us. We queued up outside next to a couple of people who had paid, wait for this, £120 each for a ticket!! We paid £44 all up for our tickets. The tickets sold out in about an hour but Brendon bought our tickets in time. Scalped tickets were being sold at up to £200 each apparently – a popular concert.

Tori actually played a very short concert and took a couple of hours to come out but it was good – the atmosphere at the venue was very special (old wooden chapel and all – it was just Tori and her piano and two keyboards). It was however slow in places, and the sound (acoustics and mixing) wasn’t the best. Brendon enjoyed it, Keryn didn’t.

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