East Coast Holiday: The Kaituna River

Leaving Whakatane we had one last leg to the holiday, driving to Hamilton. Camping now done with we decided to eat out and had the unfortunate experience of eating at a place called Cafe Surfside. My pancakes were ok (if rather too much for me to finish) but Keryn’s french toast was terrible, a case […]

East Coast Holiday: White Island

We figured seeing as we were going to be in the area we should try to go out to Whakaari/White Island, which is very much a weather dependant activity. Luckily for us the weather held out and the trip we were booked on sailed as intended. We took the journey with White Island Tours and […]

East Coast Holiday: Driving to Whakatane

Seeking the sunrise has been a theme a few times on this East Coast holiday and today we got up extra early for another sunrise mission. The location for the sun vigil was East Cape lighthouse and we had a 50km drive and then a walk up a path of 700 odd steps before we’d […]

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