Sam & Jules at Pounui, Part 3

The continuing story of a fantastic Wedding day. Processing 2000+ photos takes a long time but I’m getting there. Here we have another set of previews, this time processed a bit more (maybe not to everyones tastes, needless to say Sam and Jules will get the less processed copies as well). Photo by Brendon & […]

Sam & Jules at Pounui, part 2

Day 2 was the big day and the weather was glorious with sunshine, the odd fluffy cloud and a gentle breeze keeping temperatures manageable. We had a slow start with breakfast at the cottage we were sharing with Jen & Paul and their little cutie Mathilde. Then we were off to get photos of Sam […]

Sam & Jules at Pounui, part 1

Sam & Jules got married yesterday and we had the pleasure of being at the Wedding and also taking the official photographs. It started with an evening get together at the Wedding venue, Pounui Homestead, on Friday night where everyone got to meet all the guests and get to know each other while having a […]

7 Years

Photo by Brendon & Keryn Ross Priory, our Wedding Seven years ago today Keryn and I got married on the shores of Loch Lomond at Ross Priory. We’re older, certainly well travelled and still happy, and lucky for us the cats have got over not being invited to the Wedding. Happy anniversary to us! Photo […]

We’re married!

We’re married! Click …here… to see what happened on the day. More photos will be put up once we’re back from honeymoon. …Click… for wedding photos

Wedding in Camden

The photos from the weekends wedding are up…mostly. A few of the thumbnails didn’t make it and one of the full sized photos also appears to have got lost. Anyway, I’ll fix that tonight and put up proper links on the menus at some point

Jim and Gee get married

On Saturday we went to the beautiful wedding of Jim and Georgina at a church in Camden Town, London. I’ll have a whole bunch of photos up shortly (well, the next couple of days). This is the couple at the reception, enjoying the attention and having a nice dance on their own. Jim and Gee […]

Wedding photos

Posing for the official photos, a cheap hack like myself takes all the opportunity he can get Christine, posing alone

Wedding photo

Stephen and Christine having the first dance at the reception after having cut the cake

The quest for regular updates

One day we’ll be organised and have regular updates, pictures going up every week and so forth. Until then please make do with infrequent news and new pictures every three months. We spoke to Steve and Chris on the weekend and they have set a date for their wedding, 22 March 2003. So, it looks […]

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