Day 35 : Utila to Tegucigalpa

Our Utila visit was capped off nicely in the morning. We were up and ready with our bags a little early and were actually able to see out to the mainland from the hotel top floor. This was good, the last thing we wanted was bad weather stopping the ferry from sailing. Downstairs there were […]

Day 34 : Utila

The weather this morning was rotten, heavy rain and more wind than the previous day. Needless to say the snorkelling was cancelled. We had a nice breakfast and spent most of the rest of the morning at the hotel reading, after first going for a short walk to the nearby public beach. There was a […]

Day 33 : Utila

Utila was disappointing so I won’t be writing a great deal about the place, you can tell I was uninspired by the lack of photos. Mainly this was due to the weather, it rained a lot over the two full days we had on the island. Our snorkelling trip was postponed because of the wind […]

Day 32 : Copan Ruinas to Utila

We boarded a bus just down the road from the hotel and spent about six hours on the road heading for La Ceiba. The city of La Ceiba was viewed in passing as we took taxis from the bus stop to the port where we would be catching a ferry over to the island of […]

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