Changes are occurring If you’re reading this on the website directly you’ll notice things have changed somewhat. I’ve decided that the time has again come for a redesign and here you have it. There are two major changes to be aware of. Firstly the guestbook is now no longer. It doesn’t get used that much […]


So, there you go, 25 new entries to read. I’m still two weeks behind but I’m catching up fast. We haven’t had the same wireless access I came to expect and also there has been less writing time on this last leg of the journey. Things should get better now we’re heading up to Rio. […]

In between

We head out to the Gal├úpagos Islands today and won’t have any email or Internet access. Expect an update in a week or so, bye for now.


Hello all. Our website was updated over the weekend (it’s now running on Windows 2003 Servers) and as a result the guestbook isn’t working right now. Everything else should be fine. Only three more days of work after today, Keryn’s off already and is spending time with Heidi who flew in from NZ last night. […]


I’ve updated the site to include a new title picture and also updated the menu to include the Hemel Hempstead visit + some pictures of London in the snow from last week. Bruge also now has a page, but it’s mainly just the images from below. I’ve also included links to all the pages at […]

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