The day after

A more relaxed day was had following the Wedding. In the morning Keryn and I walked around Bondi, checking out the beach and views from the rocky headland nearby. We saw lots of people surfing, a guy fishing from the rocks with good success, crashing waves and plenty of dark clouds. The rain came in […]

Lets go surfing now

Finished at Zealandia I met Keryn for lunch and as went in to the city to get food and a birthday present. This being successful Keryn was back to work and I took a drive to Lyall Bay on the off chance that there might be some surfers to photograph. It was a good bet, […]

Day 75 : Huanchaco

For once I managed to actually get up for a sunrise. Unfortunately due to the location there wasn’t actually a sunrise to see. Huanchaco sits very near the point where the Humboldt Current rises from the Antarctic and the California current coming from the north meet. The confluence of currents causes an almost every day […]

Day 72 : Punta Sal and Mancora

There were a few sore heads this morning. It was impossible to sleep in, the sun hitting the tents quickly turning them into small ovens so we had no real choice in getting up around 7am. Mid morning the crew were heading into the nearby surfing town of Mancora and many of us took the […]

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