Out Wiltshire way

The weekend past we went out Wiltshire way to visit Stonehenge in the early hours of Sunday morning. We visited many other places as well but for now I’ll just so some of our Stonehenge photos. Stonehenge shortly after 6am Getting in closer Time for the filters The following was taken in the town of […]

The last weekend of summer?

Our trip last weekend was taken in the company of Paul and Jen. Paul works on the HelpDesk with me. We had picked up a hire car on Friday night and set off early on Saturday to go and pick Paul and Jen up from their flat in Notting Hill. After picking up our companions […]

Cornwall & Devon

June 2002…way in the past… A two week trip travelling around the south-east of England. Pity the weather was nasty for most of it, but we still had a nice relaxing time and were out and about every day, in spite of the wind and rain. We’ve just had 20 or so films developed from […]

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