A weekend is a long time

The past weekend was very busy for us, and a busy last few weeks. We’re now settled in and just have a few boxes around the place that are needing to have their contents given a home. We had Roz (Australian we met on the Kumuka trip) stay with us for a few days almost […]

Sarah comes back

Sarah at the Royal Albert Hall last night One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Shall we go?

I’ve just noticed that Sarah McLachlan is playing in Stockholm in November: Nov 04/Thu, Stockholm, Sweden, Sodra Teatern. Maybe I’ll convince Keryn that we need to go visit Patricia and Sam around that time… so many travel opportunities, so little time (and money).

Sarah McLachlan

I went and saw Sarah McLachlan (or Sarah McClaclin as the presenter insisted on calling her) yesterday evening. Took a few photos, some of which can be found here: …Sarah McLachlan…. It was a good show, five songs followed by a signing. I am now very much looking forward to her concerts in London during […]

Jethro Tull in Brighton

Hello again. We’ve begun to look more seriously at rental property given that we need to move in 6 weeks or so. On Sunday we went out to Brentwood and visited a number of estate agents – looks like there’s plenty of property, it’s just a pain getting out there to look at it when […]

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