Day 61 : Quito to Otavalo

The group met at the hotel reception just before 8am and we were taken a short way down the road to where our truck, Tranquilo, was parked. Vanessa showed up around the vehicle and our bags were loaded into the lockers and then we were inside and heading for the equator park. Vanessa was talking […]

Day 60 : Quito

We had another hotel to move to today but we decided to have a sleep in before we moved the few blocks to the next place, the Alston Inn Hotel. When we got to the hotel the room wasn’t yet available so we left our bags behind reception and then sat down to decide what […]

Day 58 : Galãpagos to Quito (Isla Seymour Norte)

Around 5am the anchor was raised and we sailed for an hour or so to get to Isla Seymour Norte. This activity of course woke us up so I was soon out of bed and wandering around the boat. It was raining outside, bands of cloud coming across and precipitating lightly on the boats moored […]

Part V : Day 53 : San Jose to Quito

The trip to Quito went very smoothly and thankfully we saw no sign of trouble either at the airport or the city of Quito. We got a taxi to the San Jose airport and checked in. Proceeding through the security checks we found ourselves with a few shops to check out in the time we […]

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