Day 129 : Pucon to Baraloche

Leaving Pucon we headed back towards Argentina. The landscape we drove through was quite dramatic with mountains, volcanoes and large tracts of forest lining the road. Near the border we came across a forest made up of large monkey puzzle trees; I’ve never seen these trees in the wild before. This is Billy, our driver […]

Day 128 : Pucon

We spent the day doing a bit of shopping, eating ice-cream and wandering around Pucon. It was a stunning blue sky summers day and the only problem we had was most of the shops were closed, it being a Sunday. In the afternoon we found a stony beach that was packed with thousands of people. […]

Day 127 : Pucon

The previous day we hadtried on clothing for our climb and when we arrived at the activity office our gear was ready and waiting for us, our names on the helmets at the top of the pile. There were eight of us from Famoo and a similar amount from Tranquilo. Once everyone had their gear […]

Day 126 : Santiago to Pucon

We met our new truck today, Famoo being the name. We loaded all our bags and boarded in the morning before driving out of Santiago and heading south towards the town of Pucon in the Chilean lake district. Famoo is an older truck than Tranquilo and while the layout inside is the same there are […]

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