Competition results, a book and a calendar

I’ve been slowly thinking through what I might enter for two of the bigger NZ based competitions coming up, the DPhoto Amateur Photographer of the Year and NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year. For the NZ Geographic competition I can take some encouragement from the Flickr group they promote. The editor and photo editor are […]

Dusky Wellington & Kaitoke zooming

Just a quick one this. These are photo taken last week around dusk in Wellington and a few from yesterday when I went for a walk at Kaitoke (though there are no photos to be seen of the interesting looking fake-stone arch and stone circle that were set up on the approach road to Kaitoke, […]

Catching up on the past: Cambodia

Continuing the effort to get more of our travel photos online I have uploaded a set from our time in Cambodia (many of which have appeared on the blog during the Cambodia travel entries). Here’s a shot which hasn’t appeared here before, taken on a boat trip in the Ream National Park. Photo by Brendon […]

The London Eye and other things

This weekend has been good. On Saturday we started nice and early and took a ride on the London Eye. I’d noticed earlier in the week that the weekends weather forecast was good and thought that it might be a good time to do one of the ‘London touristy things’ so booked ahead for a […]


My brother has complained than Venice seems to be without colour. Hopefully the following will dispel such rumour. Detail from the end of a Gondola Lamps outside a resturant Another one of the masks found for sale all over Venice The Bridge of Sighs Click here for more information on the Bridge of Sighs. The […]


Some photos from this morning. Looking towards the sunrise St Pauls (under repair) in the morning glow One London Wall makes a nice pattern More from One London Wall

Kings Cross Station

Oh, and as usual, I’ve been taking photo’s. Here’s one at Kings Cross station from Tuesday. Kings Cross in the morning, 4 March 2003

Rooftop shots

A couple of shots from the roof of 140 London Wall yesterday evening. London always looks crammed from up high.size: 106kb Into the sun.size: 59kb

The Barbican

More sunrise images, this time taken as I walked from Barbican tube station to work though the Barbican complex Aldersgate Street, taken from the road bridge leading from the Barbican tube to the Barbican complex Sunlight flowing through the Barbican complex. Sunrise over east London.


Sunrise as I walked to the train station this morning.

BBC and the uncredited photo

Well, I know I’m slack but now its confirmed. I took a lot of photos at work on Wednesday while it was snowing and shared them out for people at work to have a look. Apparently quite a few people sent the photos home to parents and friends. It also looks like someone submitted one […]

Back from Bruges

Hello! We’re back, safe and sound, after four days in the lovely Bruges (or Brugge, or however you spell it, no-one seems to know how to spell it properly in English – which is probably right, seeing as its a Flemish name). Thanks to one and all for the presents, cards and emails we’ve received […]

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