Some photos from this morning. Looking towards the sunrise St Pauls (under repair) in the morning glow One London Wall makes a nice pattern More from One London Wall


There was a nice sunset tonight


A shot I took a few months ago, a scene that is recognisably London I think. The ministry of funny walks?

Back in London

Our first day back in London was really nice, blue skies, warm (ish) weather and no wind. I’m happy to say we’re back to overcast skies and chilly winds now. As is normal there are many photos which we need to organise and do something with, the only difference being that this time I had […]

Bye Bye Sun

Goodnight. Sunset over London Sunset over London

Back from Bruges

Hello! We’re back, safe and sound, after four days in the lovely Bruges (or Brugge, or however you spell it, no-one seems to know how to spell it properly in English – which is probably right, seeing as its a Flemish name). Thanks to one and all for the presents, cards and emails we’ve received […]

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