Day 58 : Galãpagos to Quito (Isla Seymour Norte)

Around 5am the anchor was raised and we sailed for an hour or so to get to Isla Seymour Norte. This activity of course woke us up so I was soon out of bed and wandering around the boat. It was raining outside, bands of cloud coming across and precipitating lightly on the boats moored […]

Day 54 : Quito to the Galãpagos (Isla Baltra, Isla Santa Cruz)

Breakfast was eaten very early as we were leaving for the airport at 6:30am. We all assembled in the hotel reception along with another GAP group also heading out to the Galápagos. In our two vans we drove off and went through the process of having our bags checked, check in and then security. There […]

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