Day 135 : El Chaltãn to El Calafate

A group of five of us was up at 5:30am to go for the sunrise walk but it turned out I had miscalculated and the sun rose thirty minutes earlier than I thought it would. We were walking up the path into the national park and from a viewpoint could see the sky turning to […]

Day 134 : El Chaltãn

Now that we’d seen the Viedma Glacier in the distance it seemed churlish to now take the opportunity for a closer visit. We were picked up in a van and transported out to a boat ramp on Lago Viedma. It was a beautiful morning, a little chilly but we had good visibility and blue skies […]

Day 116 : Talampaya to San Juan

I’m happy to say I enjoyed the Talampaya tour. A large national park Talampaya has within its boundaries landscape varying from plains to mountains and has many interesting rock formations and an abundance of wildlife (the animals being very good at hiding from us humans). We drove into a canyon, the walls rising up a […]

Day 113 : Salta Rafting to Cafayate

There are two main reasons to come out to Salta Rafting; the rafting and also zip lining. We had all signed up for zip lining and around 9am we were all kitted out and climbing up a steep valley towards the first line. We had two guides, the main one being Frank who was originally […]

Day 108 : Uyuni

The main reason to visit Uyuni is to take an excursion out onto the salt flats and this is what we did today. In two jeeps we were taken from the hotel and first to a few artisan shops where we could buy textiles and also salt carvings. There was one shop with some large […]

Part 8 : Day 101 : La Paz

There is a road near La Paz called the death road. It’s a single lane dirt road carved into a mountain side and at many points there are steep drop offs of up to one hundred meters. For years it was one of the main routes towards La Paz but in the last few years […]

Day 100 : Puno to La Paz

Driving from Puno early we headed straight for the border with Bolivia. The border town was busy but thankfully not as much of a market as the previous border. There was a bit of queuing but things went well and we were soon all stamped up and in Bolivia. A view over La Paz We […]

Day 98 : Lake Titicaca

We left the hotel, our bags all stored in Elli and Vicky’s room, and were transported to the Titicaca dock on motorcycle taxis. We were to stay overnight on the island Amantani after first visiting the nearby island Taquile. For the overnight stay we would be divided into pairs and then looked after by a […]

Day 97 : Cusco to Puno

We left Cusco today heading for the city Puno on the shore of Lake Titicaca. We stopped at the monument overlooking Cuzco near Sacsayhuaman and took some group photos as a diversion so Danny wouldn’t realise that a cake was being taken out for him back at the truck. Once the tables were out and […]

Day 92 : The Inca Trail day 1

Leaving Ollantaytambo we drove in the bus towards KM 88, the starting point for our traverse of the Inca Trail. According to my guidebook the town here is called Qorihuayrachina and we were at an altitude of 2600m. Getting off the bus we were greeted by the sight of dozens of men in matching uniforms […]

Day 88 : Chivay and the Colca Canyon

Once again we had the company of Miguel as our tour leader, this time for an excursion out to the Colca Canyon. The main attraction of the canyon is the possibility of seeing condors in flight and we were lucky enough to arrive after an hour and a half along a bumpy dirt road to […]

Day 84 : Nazca to Puerto Inka

For the first time ever on a travel day we were actually leaving in the late morning so we had as much of a sleep in as the temperature would allow. We didn’t do much in the early morning other than returning the empty beer bottles and taking down our tent. We did have a […]

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