November 4th – Day Forty One Today was much like the previous with morning and evening game drives separated by relaxing and writing at camp. The morning drive was mostly uneventful except for a part near the end we came across a lioness lounging near the side of the road. As she wandered back into […]


November 3rd – Day Forty The plan was to leave early and drive to the furthest of the other two rest camps, Okaukuejo. Along the way we would be passing through the national park so the whole day was a game drive, the length of the drive dictated by what we would be seeing rather […]


November 2nd – Day Thirty Nine Before we could leave this morning we had to collect the washing taken the night before to the camp site laundry service. We were like inquisitive cats not wanting to intrude somewhere they are not meant to be, we’d take turns to loiter near the entrance to the washing […]

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