Catching up on the past: Cambodia

Continuing the effort to get more of our travel photos online I have uploaded a set from our time in Cambodia (many of which have appeared on the blog during the Cambodia travel entries). Here’s a shot which hasn’t appeared here before, taken on a boat trip in the Ream National Park. Photo by Brendon […]

Day 98 : Lake Titicaca

We left the hotel, our bags all stored in Elli and Vicky’s room, and were transported to the Titicaca dock on motorcycle taxis. We were to stay overnight on the island Amantani after first visiting the nearby island Taquile. For the overnight stay we would be divided into pairs and then looked after by a […]

Day 87 : Arequipa to Chivay

We had a different activity this morning, a reality tour of the poorer areas of Arequipa. With our guide Miguel we were driven to a number of different places to be shown what life is like for those without much money. Normally I would expect a tour like this to involve being shown around people’s […]

Day 64 : The Amazon Jungle

The morning boat trip took us to a local village. We waited on the shore while Fausto cleared our arrival and then walked through the plantations and gardens to reach some of the village buildings. We walked past a house and school to a field where locals were working clearing weeds from the crops of […]

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