Heading north for a holiday – Whangarei to Kerikeri and back

The rest of our Summer holiday was in the end largely defined by the weather. We had Christmas in Whangarei and spent the time with Keryn’s parents and family relaxing and enjoying good food and company. I’m still getting used to the view now the pine forest next door has been cut down (replanting has […]

The Union Mine track

On a hot afternoon a few days back I went in search of wildlife at Zealandia. Each visit I tend to make up the route I walk, tending to target areas where I’ve seen interesting animals in the past. Recently this has meant walking the path linking the Union Mine track and the Beech track […]

One Saturday

Saturday was another in a long line of sunny, warm days to have hit Wellington so we got outside and spent a few hours walking around at Zealandia. We got to see lots of wildlife, Keryn say the falcons for the first time and we managed to get dive bombed by the feisty male, even […]


On Thursday I visited Zealandia to meet Al Dicks the marketing manager. My Uncle Steve had suggested to Al that I might be able to help out with some of the IT stuff required to market Zealandia, specifically help with editing and uploading videos to their YouTube channel. Al is a busy man and in […]

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