Brighton West Pier

We visited Karyn and Brian down in Hove last weekend. On the Monday we went for a walk along the beach from Hove to Brighton and I shot a roll of black and white film, taking shots that I thought illustrated what the beach down here at the south coast is like. This shot of […]

Jethro Tull in Brighton

Hello again. We’ve begun to look more seriously at rental property given that we need to move in 6 weeks or so. On Sunday we went out to Brentwood and visited a number of estate agents – looks like there’s plenty of property, it’s just a pain getting out there to look at it when […]


We had a nice, relaxing weekend in Brighton (well, Hove really) with Karyn and Brian and now its back to work. We wandered around Brighton and Hove, had a look at the nearly totally destroyed old West Pier and took a day out to visit Arundel Castle. Don’t expect a write-up, that way you’ll be […]

A trip West and South

Here’s an old one out of the archives, October 2001. Day One London, through Avebury to Bath – with Chalk Horse spotting on the way. Keryn at Avebury Bath cathedral Day Two Bath, Wells, Glastonbury through to Brighton. Roman Bath Well’s Cathedral Flying over Glastonbury Tor Keryn at Glastonbury Tor Day Three Brighton, the Long […]

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