Catching up on the past: Cambodia

Continuing the effort to get more of our travel photos online I have uploaded a set from our time in Cambodia (many of which have appeared on the blog during the Cambodia travel entries). Here’s a shot which hasn’t appeared here before, taken on a boat trip in the Ream National Park. Photo by Brendon […]

Day 7 – Wakey Wakey, Sihanoukville, the Beach

One of the buildings we slept in Keryn should write this really, she was better prepared. Anyway, lets just say that by the time I woke up and more to the point got up we the group was about ready to leave. In the light (very bright, why was this?) of day the complex was […]

Day 6 : Spiders, a Shopping Centre and a Home-stay

Sunrise over the Mekong After an early rise to catch the sunrise it was all hands to packing. Journeying by public bus we travelled from Kampong Cham heading towards Phnom Penh. Once more we were all to the front with a mix of locals and tourists to the back. The journey was broken by one […]

Day 5 – Kampong Cham

Our next destination was Kampong Cham, an old port town slowly fading now the Japanese have paid for a bridge over the Mekong River. We journeyed by local bus with 16 seats reserved at the front, a mix of local people and a few tourists taking the other seats. The journey was about as memorable […]

Day 4 – Angkor Temples & Tonle Sap Lake

We managed to get up even earlier today but still had to wait until 4:45am to leave as the ticket office didn’t open until 5am. If not first we were second to receive our tickets and we then set off 13kms west of Siem Reap heading towards the Roluos temple area, specifically the Bakong temple. […]

Day 3: Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor

We were up and ready, waiting for our ride shortly after 4:30am. Unfortunately we didn’t realise our driver was sleeping by the hotel counter and he slept though our quiet walking so we headed off a little later than planned. This worked out OK and after getting our day passes we were soon walking the […]

Day 2: Cambodia, travel to Siem Reap

The next morning we all congregated in the hotel foyer at 7am and then started our journey towards the Cambodia border. We had two vans to transport us to the border, eight of us in each. Our van was very bling, the ceiling was an array of garish lights (thankfully not turned on) and there […]

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