Borrowing ideas

There is a new link on this page at the top, you probably won’t have noticed it. It takes you to a page that maps the locations of visitors. I saw the map first on Stephen Walsh’s blog (he who looked like a Hillbilly while touring South America… just check out some of the photos […]

Sorry, we know it’s been a while

We’re still here, honest, we just having been doing much that is blog-worthy. In the weeks since the last post we’ve had furniture delivered, have made our flat into a home and yesterday we (finally) got a phone line. I had my 31st birthday the other day, thanks for all the emails, texts, letters, cards […]

Africa is still coming…for now a quick Australia and NZ update

So I still haven’t written much of anything about the last week or so in Africa…hopefully in the next few days. We’ve had a great time in Australia staying with Steve and Chris in Melbourne. Plenty of shopping and a bit of tourist activity with a couple of days driving along the Great Ocean Road […]

Chinese and Texan

We met up with Patricia, Sam and Kathryn on Sunday evening to go out for dinner. We found them on the edge of China Town and wandered down the streets looking for a likely place to eat. Eventually we found a place that seemed OK and we sat down for a Chinese/Thai/Cantonese meal. Sam, Patricia […]

Never saw a Donkey

Patricia and Sam visited Friday night and Saturday after seeing ‘The Cat Empire’ play at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Thursday night. We went out for dinner in Brentwood on Friday night and Saturday was spent consuming pancakes for breakfast before we headed out on a short walk taking in the Brentwood post office (birth […]

A birthday in Hyde Park amongst other things

Fawzia turned 30 yesterday We are in the middle of a heat wave in England at the moment. Temperatures are over 30C and it is very humid. Yesterday we were in Hyde Park for an afternoon picnic celebrating Fawzia’s 30th birthday and I’m fairly sure that a good proportion of London turned out as well […]

May Day 2005

We had the first of two bank holidays in May yesterday. It was nice to have a longer weekend and the weather wasn’t to bad for most of it either. On Sunday we had an afternoon of wandering around the Docklands area and then spent the later afternoon at a pub called the Dickens Inn […]

Easter with Jenny and Darren

We spent Easter with Jenny and Darren up in Grantham (east midlands). We travelled out each day and visited locations such as Sherwood Forest and Lincoln Cathedral. You can see photos and read about them here.

Stockholm via Heathrow and Montreal

Patricia and Sam spent a few hours at Heathrow on Sunday morning and we did our best to meet them. Our best nearly wasn’t enough as train times meant we would be arriving an hour after their plane touched down. This was compounded by train delays for us and the plane arriving thirty minutes early. […]

Brighton West Pier

We visited Karyn and Brian down in Hove last weekend. On the Monday we went for a walk along the beach from Hove to Brighton and I shot a roll of black and white film, taking shots that I thought illustrated what the beach down here at the south coast is like. This shot of […]

Frances & Merv

We have hired a car this weekend so we can go to the Royal International Air Tattoo. Today we took advantage of the extra travel option and went to Heathrow to meet Jenny and greet Frances & Mervyn when they arrived from Dubai. And here they are. Look who we found at Heathrow today


Don’t panic, we are still here. We haven’t been up to a lot recently, not that’s interesting anyway. We went to see Whale Rider with Amanda and Daniel at a movie theartre in Camden – very good movie. We watched the All Blacks pummel the South African’s and Aussies, which was all good fun. Last […]

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