Very quick this one. There was an impressive and slow moving electrical storm making it’s way past Brentwood tonight. Here are a couple of shots of the show. Lightning across the sky Lightning bolt!

BBQ and Battersea

The Railway Bell Yesterday we went out to Hampton for a farewell BBQ at the Old Railway Bell pub. Trish, Nigel and Ryan are moving out west to Andover and this was their time to say goodbye. We had a good afternoon in the sun (punctuated with a short period of heavy rain) chatting over […]

Ben & Jerry’s Festival 2008

Another weekend another festival. As in the last couple of years we attended the Ben & Jerry’s Festival, held on Clapham Common. Last year we thought that it was getting a bit too hip, too many teenagers (my how old we are now) and not enough of the laid back family atmosphere we had experienced […]

Jenny, Darren, Isabella, Frances, Merv

The weekend just gone we spent the Saturday evening with Bindi and Corey’s place, having dinner with Kathy, Sharon and our hosts. It was a night of pleasant talk and good food and we stayed the night so we could be close to Heathrow in the morning. We had offered to pick up my Aunty […]

iTunes Festival 2008: Suzanne Vega with Seth Lakeman

Last night we were lucky enough to attend day 22 of the 2008 iTunes Festival being held at Koko. This series of concerts had a number of artists playing for competition winners, no tickets could be bought. This night saw Seth Lakeman and Suzanne Vega on the bill and I had won tickets (Keryn and […]

Suzanne, thanks Ben

One of the guys from work, Ben Hooper, surprised me with tickets to see Suzanne Vega perform at the Pigalle Club in London. It was a leaving present and a chance for a night out, so how could I say no? After a drink in a pub just outside Chinatown we walked to the club […]

Avenue Q with Roz, Dan and Seb

Last night we had the pleasure of joining Roz, Dan and Seb for dinner and the show Avenue Q. We travelled from Istanbul to Cairo all those years ago with Roz and we visited Roz and Dan in Melbourne after our Africa trip. Seb was also on part of the middle east journey. It was […]

What we’ve been up to recently…

Well, lots of things have been happening over the past few months (yes I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry, busy, new role at work, changing blogs and website templates, that sort of stuff is to blame). We’ve been up to Grantham to visit Jenny a few weeks before Isabella was born; we’ve been […]

Day 7 – Wakey Wakey, Sihanoukville, the Beach

One of the buildings we slept in Keryn should write this really, she was better prepared. Anyway, lets just say that by the time I woke up and more to the point got up we the group was about ready to leave. In the light (very bright, why was this?) of day the complex was […]

Day 6 : Spiders, a Shopping Centre and a Home-stay

Sunrise over the Mekong After an early rise to catch the sunrise it was all hands to packing. Journeying by public bus we travelled from Kampong Cham heading towards Phnom Penh. Once more we were all to the front with a mix of locals and tourists to the back. The journey was broken by one […]

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