New York

We’re back home at Brentwood now, hopefully soon to get a good nights sleep before back to work we go tomorrow. We had two nights in New York and managed to do a lot of the typical tourist things like view New York from the Empire State Building and take the Staten Island Ferry. It […]

Niagara Falls

We arose this morning to a breakfast of pancakes and french toast. We spent a bit of time talking to Lorlee (of Leeway B&B fame) before doing our final packing and then saying goodbye. The view from the Leeway B&B shoreline down the lake For the next five hours we pretty much just drove, slowly […]

A day on the Bruce Peninsula

After the storm of last night we were not expecting a warm or sunny day so we took our time to leave the B&B this morning. It was getting on for midday by the time we left and drove off towards the beautifully named Half Way Dump. Arriving at the Half Way Dump (which is […]

We’re in Canada

Last Friday we flew from Gatwick to Toronto and we’re had busy days since. We’ve had dinner in the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, attended Steve’s last night of freedom at the Gate 403 Club, walked around Toronto, had the privilege of being at Steve and Wendy’s wedding and then been […]

Mr Blue

I entered a draw to win access to a launch event for Catherine Feeny’s new single “Mr Blue” and found out Tuesday afternoon that I was one of the few invited to attend. Wednesday morning saw me ascending the stairs at Grand central Studios to emerge on the roof terrace. There were free drinks to […]

Norfolk photos

You can see more photos from our Norfolk visit in the gallery.

The start and end of Summer

I think it is fair to say that the UK has had a terrible summer from a sun and temperature point of view. This weekend seems to be attempting to make up for the shortfall by providing a beautiful few days of lovely weather. It’s a bank holiday weekend as well, and bank holidays are […]

It’s working

The computer is working again so all is well (though we’ve ordered a new laptop now, for travelling as well as home). The power supply seems to be the faulty part, lucky I had a spare. I went with Ollie to a concert by Feist at Scala on Tuesday night. Sitting outside at a pub […]


Got home, turned on the computer and not much happened. Got Keryn to come and see that the computer was “doing that thing I told you about the other day” and she told me it had turned itself off. Several hours of poking, cleaning, removing components and trying different combinations of graphic cards have led […]

Photos of our Scottish excursion

Photos of the Outsider Festival and our trip around the Highlands are now in the Gallery. Most of the photos have been there for over a week now, I just keep forgetting to mention it. Oh, and Richard (star prize for looking at photos before I mentioned they were there) it is a shark, a […]

Suzanne Vega

Just quickly thought I’d mention we saw Suzanne Vega in concert last night. I’ve been meaning to see her for years but something always comes up when she visits London but we finally got there last night. A good concert, and Suzanne is a funny and interesting lady. There are more photos to be seen […]

ES & EOS Update

Found an article about my day with the Evening Standard, you can see it on the “This Is London” website by clicking here. Nice to see another quote that I never said, at least it’s more promotion. Taking photos for the Evening Standard. In other news my photo is in the latest issue of EOS […]

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