Three photos

In between working on wedding photos I spend a little time on our photos from recent travels. Here are three photos, one each from Brisbane, Singapore and Paris. Downtown Brisbane Singapore Zoo Paris

Terry Pratchett

On Thursday night we went and saw a talk involving Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld novels. Terry was informative and funny, answering many varied questions on his current book, film prospects and such things as the nature of inspiration. I think we walked a bit long getting there and leaving however, Keryn’s cold […]


We spent four days in Paris over the weekend, arriving back in London via Eurostar on Tuesday evening. We had a good if tiring time, I’m fairly sure we climbed over 2000 stairs exploring various monuments and churches. Inside St. Germain Church It was Keryn’s 30th birthday on the Sunday just gone and it was […]

Back in the UK

So we’re back, work is upon us and our brief trip is a fast fading memory. I’ve got a pile of wedding photos I’m slowly processing (I’ll get there Bridget) and we’re got a long weekend break in Paris coming up in a few days. To tide you over until the wedding photos are unleashed […]

And now New Zealand

After a whirlwind tour we have now found ourselves in Tekapo. We’ve been up north and stayed with Keryn’s family, going for walks on the beach and in the forest and also spending time with our cats. Then it was down to Timaru and time with my family before The Big Day, my sister Bridget […]

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