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Everything has moved across and all seems to have gone smoothly (other than a few case issues which I won’t bore you with). Now we should be able to start implementing a few more comprehensive galleries of photos and other wonderful things so stay tuned over the coming months.


After a number of years we’re changing hosting companies so there will probably be some downtime on this site over the next couple of days. We’ve never had any problems with Fasthosts but they are a little bit restrictive so we’ve moving to SiteHQ as of tomorrow morning (UK time).

Poison Sweet Madeira

As mentioned previously we had a concert to attend on Friday night. Sophie Solomon was supported by The Deadbeats and The Ralfe Band. Here are the photos. The Deadbeats So much energy for a band that sits down most of the time The Ralfe Band Playing a strange wind-keyboard Banging away Sophie Solomon A quieter […]

I like The Like, but not their venue

It has been a guest list week so far. A while back I entered a competition for tickets to a performance by the band The Like. I won two tickets and was added to the guestlist for the Monday just gone. Unfortunately the gig was at the Kings College London which as the name suggests […]

Borrowing ideas

There is a new link on this page at the top, you probably won’t have noticed it. It takes you to a page that maps the locations of visitors. I saw the map first on Stephen Walsh’s blog (he who looked like a Hillbilly while touring South America… just check out some of the photos […]

It works

The phone now works which means that we have proper Internet access again. I’ve spent time this morning setting things up and were now a properly secure wireless Internet household.

The continuing saga of a phone…

We still don’t have a working phone line. When we moved into the building it wasn’t completely finished (our flat was but the building wasn’t). We were given conflicting reports about what would be happening with a phone line and in the end we organised someone to come out ourselves. I was home for the […]

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