Cara Dillon

Taken last night at the Cara Dillon concert in Stratford. Cara Dillon


A shot I took a few months ago, a scene that is recognisably London I think. The ministry of funny walks?

Into the unknown

Something different, something to reflect upon…the link no longer works…

Wedding photo editing

Spot the difference. I’ve been fiddling with Paint Shop Pro and came up with this, I like the second image much more than the first. The original Modified with Paint Shop Pro

Wedding in Camden

The photos from the weekends wedding are up…mostly. A few of the thumbnails didn’t make it and one of the full sized photos also appears to have got lost. Anyway, I’ll fix that tonight and put up proper links on the menus at some point

Jim and Gee get married

On Saturday we went to the beautiful wedding of Jim and Georgina at a church in Camden Town, London. I’ll have a whole bunch of photos up shortly (well, the next couple of days). This is the couple at the reception, enjoying the attention and having a nice dance on their own. Jim and Gee […]

A message from Richard

Hello. This is a photo of our grandparents headstone that Jenna’s Father took a few months ago. The row that the headstone is in is opposite the row where Jenna’s brother Heath is buried. It was one year ago last Saturday that he died and Jenna and I visited Dad’s parents grave while we were […]

Kew Gardens

In a fit of unusual efficency we have photos up of todays events. We visited Kew Gardens with Amanda and Daniel, you can find the photos under the Day Trips section on the menu.

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