I’ve added quite a few new pages and updated some others on the website, so there is more to look at now. Hopefully we’ll add a few photos of the different places we visited in Scotland over the next week, we’ve got to scan them first however. The Ross Priory page has a number of […]

Return to Camden

Hi, how is everyone? We’re both good, a little cold at times, but good. Autumn is here, the weather seems to have missed it and thinks its winter, but otherwise its all OK. We went to the Return to Camden concert last night. The line-up for the night had four different acts, the only one […]


Hello all. Just testing a new web proxy system at work now, I don’t have anything new to report. Oh yeah, we’re going to see Cara Dillon and a couple of other people perform at the Return to Camden Irish Festival next week, so that should be fun. Thats all.

Don’t fall asleep on the tube

The reason there have been no posts is nothing interesting has happened… well … almost nothing. I received a package at work today from the USA, two first edition signed books from Terry Brooks, which was nice. What else, let me see, oh yes. Tuesday night we had a Help Desk team night out. We’ve […]

We’re back in business

We’re back! Sorry about the lack of updates, the website we use to make the updates was misbehaving and I had to fix the problem myself as they have non-existant tech support. Anyway, it’s not like anything has happened other than a couple of tube strikes and most of you missed Keryn’s birthday. It took […]

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